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Health and Safety Policies
Emergency Care
  1. Families may provide a drink container refilled with fresh water daily.  The drink container must be made of unbreakable material.  Please do not bring any drink or food item(s) in glass bottles or containers. Please label your child's water bottle.

  2. We encourage you to provide nutritious lunch and snacks from home.  Please do not include in your child's lunch any candy, sugary treats (cookies, fruit roll-up's, etc.), or foods that promote unhealthy eating habits (chips, chocolate, etc.).

  3. Children need to wear flat footwear (no heels) that allows them to run and play safely and that can be easily slipped on and off.  High-heeled shoes or sandals for girls are not permitted. Covered shoes are required on all excursions.  Sandals, crocs, and boots are not acceptable footwear for excursions.

  4. Please keep all medications at home. Teachers are not allowed to administer medications of any kind.

  5. Only minimal first aid treatment can be given by the preschool staff. Wounds and injuries requiring further treatment must be cared for at home or by the family physician.

  6. No sick child should be sent to school. Teachers will isolate sick children and contact parents for pick-up.

  7. MCCP has a "72-Hour Rule." For the health of your child and others, please remember that your child must be free of fever, diarrhea, and vomiting for at least 72 hours before they can return to school.

  8. The Preschool should be informed the first day of absence. Communicable diseases should be reported immediately to the Office staff. A child absent from school due to a communicable disease will be re-admitted only with a doctor’s certificate.

In case of serious illness, injury or accident during school hours, every effort will be made to contact parents or other authorized contact person(s). If this is not possible and the child needs immediate medical attention, the child’s physician will be called.


If the child’s physician cannot be contacted, Makiki Christian Church Preschool will call 911 if deemed necessary. An MCCP staff will accompany the child to the ER.  Please keep emergency information form up-to-date by notifying the Preschool Office of any changes.

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