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Our Staff

We believe that each child is a unique and special gift from God and that He plays a vital role in the development of each child. The dedicated and loyal staff of our Preschool share this belief and carry out our mission every day. We feel privileged and honored to participate in providing developmentally-appropriate and spiritual guidance to the children who are entrusted to us.

Teachers and Aides

2-year-olds (PURPLE ROOM)

Ms. Kimberly Shimabukuro & Ms. Aislinn Mikami 

2-year-olds (RED ROOM)

Ms. Margret Route & Ms. Melanie Lau

Young 3's (ORANGE ROOM)

Ms. Milan Ishihara, Ms. Michelle & Ms. Minae

Older 3's (BLUE ROOM)

Ms. Edelyn & Ms. Franz

Young 4's (YELLOW ROOM)

Ms. Carol & Ms. Polly

5-year-olds (GREEN ROOM)

Ms. Tinoi Cady and Mr. Michael Chung


Mrs. Sandra Ishihara-Shibata

Office Assistant

Ms. Jeane King

Office Staff

Ms. Stephanie Katsuda

Preschool Board

Keiko Gushiken - Co-chairperson

Michelle Saito  - Co-chairperson

Vehia Goo

Carlton Gushiken

Gail Hashimoto

Sandra Ishihara-Shibata

Kris Kuboyama

Myra Kuboyama

Ed Sueoka

Shirley Tamashiro

Pam Young

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